Bottomless Brunch at Revolution de Cuba, Manchester

By Jo Cooksey

Brunch: a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch. Brunch means a lie-in. Brunch means it’s the weekend or a day off. Brunch means unadulterated relaxation with those closest to you. What’s not to love?

Revolution de Cuba on Deansgate invited us to sample their new Bottomless Brunch and frankly it would have been rude to say no. I have only been in Revs de Cuba in the evening and it’s a lively old place then but during the day the vibe is more laid back. More cantina than fiesta. When we arrived, we bumped into another blogger and her companion and decided to sit together.

We were treated to a live band once we were seated, who were good but a little too loud for us to be able to hear each other speak. We had a lovely waiter, who explained the bottomless deal. We were to choose one dish off the menu and then the drinks were bottomless for the next 2 hours at a cost of £25. The drinks on offer were Bloody Mary’s, Mojitos, Prosecco and Mahou beer. How many drinks can you drink in 2 hours? Quite a few if my head and subsequent impulse buys were anything to go by. However, I have to say that the Revs staff will only serve you a new drink when your old one is finished and they don’t encourage any reckless necking of beverages.

Food wise, there were all the usual brunching suspects like Eggs Benedict and Avocado on Toast but everything has a slight Cuban twist. I chose the Huevos Rancheros, a combo of black beans, tomatoes and mushrooms served on a tortilla and topped with a fried egg and their special spicy rum sauce. There was also a portion of spiced sautéed potatoes and salady bits. It was very tasty although mine was a little on the cool side but I did have a dippy yolk which is always the best bit.

My brunch buddy chose the Cubano Benedict; sourdough toast topped with roasted pulled pork instead of ham, the usual poached egg and a pretty decent Hollandaise sprinkled with paprika. Again, spiced sautéed potatoes and the salady bits. The other couple chose a Spanish Omelette, with chorizo and Morcilla sausage and topped with Manchego cheese and a Brekkie Burrito, stuffed with chorizo, jalapeños, refried beans, egg, sausage and cheese. The menu said it was topped with crispy bacon but the two rashers that came looked decided pale and flabby. Everyone said they enjoyed their dishes.

Because we ate almost straight away and then spent the next couple of hours drinking we all agreed that we would have preferred more food and maybe less booze. Maybe two dishes or bottomless food and drink. Don’t get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed what we had and Revs do make a mean Mojito but frankly, my brunch buddy and I had the munchies when we came out and had to seek out further sustenance.

We would certainly do brunch at Rev de Cuba again because we loved the vibe, the décor and the food and drink but I think next time we would order extra food if the menu hasn’t been changed.

We visited Revolution de Cuba as guests of the management but as always, all opinions are our own and unbiased.

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