Pure Green Coffee Giveaway

By Jo Cooksey

We have teamed up health-conscious coffee firm, Pure Green Coffee Company to give one lucky reader a month’s supply of their Skinny Green Coffee.

What Is It?

Green coffee – that’s coffee in its pure, unroasted form – contains high levels of something called chlorogenic acid, which is believed to suppress the appetite, boost the metabolism and may help burn off excess fat.

Pure Green Coffee Giveaway

There are other benefits to drinking green coffee, such as, it is packed full of antioxidants to detox your system and can help improve energy levels, concentration and improve your mood. Studies have also shown that it may be helpful in normalizing blood sugar and lowering blood pressure.

On its own green coffee is very unpalatable and so a lot of folk take it in tablet form. However, the Pure Green Coffee Company have developed a highly drinkable product by combining the green coffee with roasted coffee, natural vanilla flavour and raspberry concentrate. In addition they have included various plants and herbs for their health enhancing properties. There is also a cappuccino flavoured version.

Testing The Product

Rather than just take their word for it, the company sent a month’s supply to test out for myself. I have been drinking one cup every morning for nearly a month. So, what did I think?

I am a big coffee fan, mainly drinking it black and I certainly can’t start the day without a big, steaming mug of the stuff. So, I was looking forward to trying this product out. It arrives in a box, in the form of teabags, which you have to steep in a cup of boiling water for at least 4 minutes. To be honest, I usually left mine in while I drank it. Once made up the drink has a pleasant coffee aroma and mild coffee taste, that also has hints of the vanilla and a slight fruity sweetness from the raspberry.

I was already making efforts to lose weight and I found that drinking this coffee did suppress my appetite, so I didn’t snack between breakfast and lunch. Which is a bonus. I can’t categorically claim I lost weight because of it but, I feel it did help by staving off a rumbly tum between meals. I also did feel like a had more energy which is a plus for someone like me, who normally takes until lunchtime to wake up. As this is a natural product, I wouldn’t have any qualms about continuing using it.

Pure Green Coffee Giveaway

For those wanting to try it as part of a weight loss programme, Pure have worked with a qualified dietician to prepare 14 and 28-day diets, that are available on their website, to give you the best chance of weight loss. Always ask your GP’s advice before embarking on any weight loss plan.


One lucky reader can win a Pure Green Skinny Coffee 28 Day Programme. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions.


This competition is open until 12.00pm on 16th June 2019. T’s & C’s apply. https://gleam.io/UJNdN/win-pure-green-skinny-coffee-28-day-program-2

We were gifted the product but, the review and opinions are our own and unbiased.

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